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  • In our male dominated patriarchal society, women are the most suppressed class in almost all walks of life. We have to work for creating awareness of their rights in society.
    Domestic violence is an issue that transgresses boundaries of race, religion, class, and sexual orientation, with each group having cultural factors andlimitations of its own.
    The cultural limitations of women of South Asian origin are rooted deep into centuries of submissiveness, passiveness, and denial.  Despite living in an era of liberation, there are men who claim to hold "power and control" in a relationship and women who are reluctant, afraid, or slow in fighting them. Despite the common myth, violence in the home may not always include physical abuse. There are, also, forms of sexual, economic, emotional, and psychological abuse all of which are the hardest to prove due to the lack of concrete evidence.
    We propose to work in the following areas:-

  • 1-Right to marry a partner of their own choice.
    2-Right to work and earn a decent living.
    3-Right to choose a profession.
    4-Right of inheritance according to law.
    5-The right to be raised with the same rights and privileges as those of a male child.

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