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A comprehensive / effective Social Right Programme besides the legal and day-to-day help to the needy people in different fields of life. We have to work on a war footing to provide Social Justice through Social Services, based on wide-ranging means / efforts. Some of them are as under:By proper awareness-awakening programmes through (Print Media, electronic Media such as TV Dramas) Seminars etc. on their rights and duties, towards society.Free Legal Aid Services to illiterate, poor people, particularly women in respect of their matrimonial rights, rights in property and inheritance etc.To educate the poor by setting up adult / child schools, literacy centersPromotion of handicrafts and local skills, to increase their earnings for the betterment of their living standards.Arrange /raise funds for the marriage of poor young men and women, and provide them with necessary financial support.Awareness programmes regarding the number of children and health of the mother and child family planning.To set up a separate wing to thoroughly look into the humanitarian affairs of people from all walks of life.Comprehensive awareness programmes regarding civil rights, through Seminars / Workshops to be organized from time to time.


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