Rural Development & Research:

The extremes of rural poverty in the Third world are considered outrageous. It is said that the poorer rural people must help themselves, but, trapped as they are, they often cannot do it. The initiative, in enabling them better to help themselves, lies with outsiders who have more power and resources and most of whom are neither rural nor poor

As we know, the major portion of the population of the world at large and particularly in our country, lives in villages. 70% of the people of Pakistan earn their bread and butter from the agricultural sector. As our economy is agribased , we have to help raise the standard of living and per capita income for this portion of the population, for their welfare and stability We will have to work specially in this sector on the following lines:-

Facilities for basic education and general awareness for village people regarding their social and legal rights, be provided through schools, community centers and door- to- door visits.

Women are a much suppressed class in the village; they should be given encouragement to fight for their rights at all levels.

The zaminder, landlord and feudal be made to realize the importance and sanctity of the rights of poor Haris (cultivators) and also women and children.

The role of the middleman be brought down to a minimum/ eliminated to protect the financial rights and benefits accruing to the farmer and cultivator.

Up-to-date and complete Research information regarding seeds, machinery, and pesticides, be provided to the farmer.

Live stock, fish-farming, bee-keeping and other progressive economic be promoted.

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