Labour Law:

As companies grow, they encounter issues that smaller firms do not, and many employment laws, apply only to firms of a certain size or larger. As you grow, your employee policy manual has to grow with you. Simply knowing what's right isn't enough. When the majority of--or even all--employee supervision was handled by you or one or two trusted colleagues, maybe you could survive on faith in them and them in you. But as your company grows, you'll hire new employees and new supervisors, and that means you'll need to commit to writing exactly how employees ought to be treated and the behaviour your company won't tolerate.
Laws concerning sexual harassment are steadily evolving, and your policies on harassment in the workplace need to keep pace.
Labor Laws cover the relationship between groups of employees, organized as unions, and employers. Union representation allows employees to bargain with employers for their rights and benefits collectively. While labor laws grant employees the right to unionize and to engage in activities such as picketing and striking, they also allow employers to defend themselves by seeking injunctions or creating a lockout.

We will keep ourselves conversant with up to date International as well as local Labour Laws and also seek improvement in the working conditions and betterment of workers of all description. Regular attendance of Seminars and Workshops on these issues, in the city, the country, as well as abroad.

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