Communication is the art and technique of using words effectively, to impart information or ideas.
The role of communications is of paramount importance in all stages of human life. We will have to have a well-equipped media centre with the help of competent media persons having complete knowledge of the latest in communications and media. In order to achieve success in our programmes we will need to communicate our programmes to all concerned.

We will use the following means in this respect:

Print Media
TV Media
To form a team of volunteers to rush to the site of emergency and disaster with short and long term help programmes.
To educate the general public to meet any natural disaster/emergency.

The media center will be manned by competent and well trained media persons in order to effectively look after the following:-
Prepare newsletters and other communication to share our plans and projects with the people they are aimed at.
To keep in touch with other NGOs in order to appraise them of our proposed and ongoing projects and also seek information of similar nature about theirs. This will help us develop a working relationship with other organizations and also afford opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences.
To prepare contingency plans for affected areas in case of natural disasters. This will include keeping the lines of commutation open between the victims in the disaster areas, the volunteers and the Head Office.

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