As an Advocate

I took admission in LL.B in the year of 2000 and also joined Muhammad Aqil & Co. (Advocates and Legal Consultants, Karachi, Pakistan) as an assistant / intern. I completed my studies in 2003 and am practicing as a Lawyer since then. I attended 10th SAARC Law Conference held on 20th to 22nd February, 2004 at Sheraton Hotel Karachi. My main fields of interest are as follows:-

Legal Consultation (Family, Civil and Criminal Litigation)
Court-house matters
Tax Consultation
Corporate Legal Consultation and Services
Business Process Analysis

My main objective in choosing this Profession was to contribute towards strategic planning for Companies and Family, Civil & Criminal Litigation and achieve excellence through loyalty to my work. My other objective has been to help the less fortunate in Society to achieve awareness of their Legal Rights. I also do all I possibly can to provide Free Legal Aid to such individuals. I have worked hard to achieve expertise in the following:-

Turning Corporate Business Requirements to the client’s benefit and protection
Intensive experience in legal consultancy
Corporate Project Management Skills
Honesty & Hardwork
In-depth knowledge of legal Consulting procedures / proceedings
Provide consultation to business sectors i.e. Banks, Financial Institution, Leasing and multi-national Firms and Corporations
Legal Opinion for contractors and traders.

As a Human Rights Activist

The spirit of service to humanity is God gifted. I am glad I was blessed with it. I have been doing my bit to the best of my ability in all periods of my life, every step of the way. I intend to continue doing it till the end of my mortal existence. In order to carry out my mission I joined Dawood Khursheed Memorial International Foundation when it was re-formed in the year 2004 from Khursheed Memorial Education Society. I have worked in the following fields:-

Human Rights
Women Rights and Health
Child Welfare and Child Rights
Awareness about HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, T.B. and other deadly diseases.
Welfare of Prisoners, especially Women and Children
Consultancy / Dealing of Projects related to Human Welfare in different sectors of Society.

I have attended innumerable Workshops, Seminars and Training Sessions in the aforementioned fields which are as under:-

Unicef Programme Planning Workshop Child Protection & Empowerment of Adolescents held on 8th to 10th November, 2006 organized by UNICEF.
Workshop on Prisons Reforms held on 2oth January, 2007 organized by Ministry of Law, Justice & Human Rights Division (Access to Justice Programme).
Consultation on the Issue of Camel Jockey Children held on 13th & 14th February, 2007 organized by Social Welfare Department Government of Sindh (Child Welfare and Development).
Dental and Maxillofacial Seminar held on 28th April, 2007 organized by Pakistan Eye Bank Society.
Training Workshop on Advocacy & Public Private Partnership held on 26th to 28th June, 2007 organized by Sindh NGOs Network on HIV/AIDS (SNNHA) Sindh.
Seminar on the Problem and Issues of Child and Women in Prisons held on 6th July, 2007 organized by Social Welfare Department Government of Sindh (Child Welfare and Development).
Training Workshop on Resource Mobilization held on 21st to 23rd August, 2007 organized by Sindh NGOs Network on HIV/AIDS (SNNHA) Sindh.
First Provincial Conference on Networks of PLHIV Challenges, Issues and Opportunities held on 29th January, 2008 organized by Pakistan Society.
Joint UNAIDS/NACP Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Intervention for Most-At-risk Population (MARP) held on 25th & 26th September, 2008 organized by UNAIDS/NACP.
Seminar for women activists/opinion & religious leaders on SRHR in the light of Islam and Society to advocate Community Leaders held on 5th November, 2008 organized by RAHNUMA Family Planning Association of Pakistan.
Workshop for CSOs and NGOs Working on HIV/AIDS to Work with Media in Karachi held on 21st to 23rd January, 2009 organized by Pakistan Press Foundation.

I have been carrying out analyses of business projects, preparing feasibility studies for company and corporate clients, in order to safeguard their legal rights and obligations; Evaluate, alternative proposals, products and design.
Manage projects and extends value addition and legal protection and recommendations. Maintain Franchise relationship and customer co-ordination with overseas clients of companies
Define requirements for improving or replacing processes. Evaluate and recommend specifications for product manuals and terms and conditions related to corporate financial products.