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  • It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to talk to you about my mission in life. It has simply been the love of humanity and a deep feeling of concern and hurt that I experience witnessing the miseries of my fellow humans. It has always made me think of ways to help make the world around me a better place for all, especially the downtrodden and the underprivileged. I grew up in a home where social service and the ideal of service above self was something my parents lived for all their lives.

    Our celebrities, mostly comprising of singers, actors and sportsmen, do take up social service as a mission, but they normally launch their projects when they are at the zenith of their popularity, which is usually the time when they retire. They capitalize on their mass appeal and fan following, I on the other hand, cannot boast of any such qualification. A passion for service and a sense of mission is all that, I feel, entitles me to seek your attention and consideration.

    It is a fact that above 60% of our population comprises of youth and children. It is a critical stage in one’s life as an individual. What they need most in these formative years is good education, a healthy diet, clean environment and proper health care. With the prevailing high level of poverty in our country all this is hard, in fact impossible, to come by on its own. I am just trying to contribute my bit in achieving all this.

    Mother Theresa has been my guiding spirit and life long inspiration in all that I am doing. I have presented before you some self-evident facts and truths about the state we are in. In case you need more information or have some queries you can e-mail me on I will personally send a prompt reply.

    I consider it in the fitness of things to declare that I believe in serving others without any discrimination on the basis of color, cast, creed or religion and it is an article of faith with me.

    I want to beg your leave with the earnest and sincere hope that you will experience in your heart a deep feeling of empathy for these poor souls and join me in my battle against the misfortunes and ills of society. I need all the help I can get and every effort, however small, will go a long way in achieving our goals. I will welcome help from our motivated youth to come forward and work with our organization as valued volunteers in our various fields of social service. I am sure, like me they will realize to their amazement that service is its own reward.

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