FRCS October 2001 The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh., UK

MBBS May 1990 Sindh Medical College, Karachi University, Pakistan


UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IRCAD/European Institute of Telesurgery
IN LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY Strasbourg University,France. Feb 2003

FCPS I (Surgery & Allied) College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan
July 1994


Trust SpR Barnet Hospital, Barnet, London (UK)
General Surgery
04th October 2004 to 14th July 2009


Trust SpR, General Surgery 02/06/03 – 04/08/04
Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury
Trust Doctor, General Surgery 17/03/03 – 01/06/03
Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Huddersfield
Senior House Officer, General Surgery 07/08/02 – 04/02/03
Monklands D G Hospital, Airdrie
Senior House Officer, General Surgery 06/02/02 – 06/08/02
Downe Hospital, Downpatrick, Co Down.
Clinical Fellow Cardiothoracic Surgery 19/11/01 – 05/02/02
Morriston Hospital, Morriston, Swansea
Senior House Officer, General Surgery 11/9/00 - 31/07/01
Erne Hospital, Enniskillen
Senior House Officer, BST ROTATION 06/08/97 – 03/08/99
Burnley General Hospital, Burnley
A & E, General Surgery, Urology
Registrar, General Surgery 15/01/97 – 20/07/97
Civil Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
Registrar, Orthopaedics & Trauma 10/04/96 – 25/12/96
Haji Rang Illahi (Trust) Hospital
Karachi, Pakistan
Registrar, Plastic Surgery 06/10/95 – 05/04/96
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre,
Karachi, Pakistan
Registrar, General Surgery 06/04/95 – 05/10/95
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre,
Karachi, Pakistan
Registrar, General Surgery 01/10/94 – 31/03/95
Civil Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
Resident Medical Officer (Equivalent to SHO) 01/04/93 – 30/09/94
Ankleseria Nursing Home, Karachi, Pakistan
Registrar Urology, Gen: Surgery 23/09/90 – 31/03/93
Orthopaedics, Cardiothoracic & ICU
Orthopaedic & Medical Institute,
Karachi, Pakistan
Senior House Officer, General Surgery 20/06/90 – 20/09/90
Sea Breeze Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
House Officer, General Surgery/Medicine 18/06/89 – 17/06/90
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre,
Karachi, Pakistan, Prof:Irshad Wahid, Prof. S M Rab


* EAES Laparoscopic UGI course, CSC, Dundee, Booked in Sept 09
* Advances in Diverticular Disease, RSM, Kings’s Hospital, April 09
* Laparoscopic Ultrasound for Cholecystectomy, Yeovil March09
* Ethicon National Hernia Symposium, Birmingham, March09
Year 2008
*10th Bill Owen Oesophagogastric Symposium ,The RCS Eng March 08
* Metabolic Surgery Symposium, Charring Cross Hospital,, April 08
* EAES Laparoscopic Lower GI Course, CSC, Dundee, May 08
* 2nd Live Laparoscopic Surgery Meeting, CSC Dundee May 08
*National Hernia Symposium(Ethicon) London June 08
* JAG Accredited Colonoscopy Course, NNUH, Norwich, June 08
* MAS Thyroid & Parathyroid Workshop, DPWH, Grimsby June 08
* Basic Surgical Skills course as a Faculty, BGH, Barnet June 08
* Thyroid & Parathyroid Meeting, Harvard Medical School CME Nov08
* ALS/ASIT Adv. Lap. Course& annual meeting, Colechester Nov08

Year 2007
*Advanced Colorectal Workshop Nov 2007 St. Marks Hospital, Harrow, UK
*Int. Live Lap Surgery Meeting May 2007 Ninewells Hospital & MS Dundee UK
*NOTES (1st. Int. course) May 2007 IRCAD/EITS, Strasbourg, France
*9th Bill Owen OESOPHAGO-GASTRICS Symposium March 2007
(Post Op complications & Managements)
The Royal College of Surgeons of England, LONDON
Year 2006
* ALSGBI (2006 Annual Scientific Meetings. 23rd & 24th Nov 2006, Leeds
*Minimal Access Surgery course 22/11/2006 (LGI) ALSBGI & ASIT
* 3rd Annual Conference of the British Hernia Society 2-3 November 2006
(Ventral & Incisional Hernia Repair) The City Hospital, Nottingham.
* Basic Surgical Skills Course (FACULTY) 20th November 2006
(Module one Open Surgery) The RCS England at Barnet Hospital.
* Basic Therapeutic Endoscopy Course 2006/2007, 02/06/2006 WEU,
St. Mark’s Hospital, Harrow.
* Recent Advances in the management of IBD & Viral hepatitis, 11/05/2006
UCL Hospitals, LONDON.
* Update in Emergency Surgery 3-5th April 2006 The RCS England, LONDON
* How to write a clinical paper 30th & 31st March 2006, BJS, Stratford.
* Colonoscopy Workshop 17/02/2006, WUE, St. Marhs’ Hospital.
* The National Hernia Symposium 2006, 08/02/2006, ICC, Birmingham.
Year 2005
* Emergency Surgery (Don’t panic)23/11/2005.The Royal Society of Medicine.
*Advanced Laparoscopic DigestiveSurgery,Oct.2005IRCAD/EITS,Strasbourg,.
* Stapled Haemorroidopexy (A Day Surgery Procedure) 27/09/2005, BGH.
*Schering Plough Symposium (Evolution & Experince in IBD) 20/07/2005,
St. Thomas’ Hospital, LONDON.

Year 2004
* Wessex Surgeons Meeting 14/05/2004, ASGBI, Salisbury.
*Evaluation of Screening & Diagnostics Test Methods on March 17, 004
*How to write a Research Protocol on January 9, 2004, Salisbury Dist. Hospital.

Year 2003
* Higher Surgical Skills Course, The Royal College Surgeons Edinburgh June 2003
*Intensive Laparoscopic Surgery CourseIRCAD/ EITS,Strasbourg,France,Feb03
Year 2002
*Database & Spreadsheet Skills in Dec 2002 at Wishaw Gen Hospital, Wishaw *Critical Appraisal& Medical Statisticsin Nov 2002 at Monklands Hospital,
*Electronic Access to Medical Information in October 2002 at Wishaw General Hospital, Wishaw.
*Presentation Skills course in October 2002 at Hairmyers Hospital.
Communication Skills/Aggression & Complaints Handling, August 2002
at Wishaw General Hospital, Wishaw.
CCrISP Course in May 2002 at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.
*Basic Surgical Skills Course in October 1999 at The RCS England
*Advanced Life Support Course in August 1997 at Burnley General Hospital
*Basic Life Support Course in August 1997 at Burnley General Hospital


* Recently I have completed a survey in Wessex region relating to change the trend of practice for Inguinal Hernia repair and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. These results are about to publish.

*Laparoscopic versus open cholecystectomies, Results and post operative complications.

Acquired Parotid Fistula Medical Practitioner (Pakistan)
(S.M.A. Babar, A. Qazi and K. Javaid) Volume 2 Number 3 and 4
March/April, May/June, 1991
Developed , Designed & Compiled RIF Pain Pathway Barnet Hospital 2005
Audited & Revised 2007-2008

Review Article on Carcinoid tumours In process of publication.

Case Report on Caecal Volvulus In process of writing



Management of LGI Bleeding Barnet General Hospital
Surgical Meeting
June 2009
RIF Pain Pathway Barnet General Hospital
(Integrated Care Pathway)
Audit meeting 30/09/2005
Hydatid Disease of Liver Barnet General Hospital
Surgical Meeting, July 2005
Scoring System in the Management of Yeovil Hospital, Yeovil
Rupture AAA.
Surgical meeting, August 2004
MDM Breast Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
Weekly (March-June 2003)
Incidental carcinoid tumour of appendix Surgical Meeting
(Case report and literature review) Monklands Hospital, Airdrie
December 2002
Aetiology of Colorectal Carcinoma Surgical meeting
September 2002 Monklands Hospital, Airdrie.
Small Bowel Obstruction Surgical meeting
June 2002 Downe Hospital, Downpatrick.
Anterior knee pain in 9 years old boy Departmental Meeting (A & E)
(Case presentation) January 1998 Burnley General Hospital
Outcome of Open Mesh Inguinal Hernia Surgical Meeting
Repair in the Elderly JPGMC, Karachi, Pakistan
August 1995
An updated review on "Atrial Myxoma" At annual conference of PMA
September 1992 Karachi, Pakistan.

Actively participated in surgical Audit e.g data collection and presentation.
Understanding of Clinical Governance and Risk Management.
RIF Pathway (Integrated Care Pathway) September 2008.
Operational command of Microsoft Office 2000
Attended a course on Electronic access to Medical Information
Attended a course on Database and spreadsheets skills incorporating Microsoft Excel 2000
Use of Power point in presentations



Faculty member of Basic Surgical Skills Course for last 3 years.
Clinical teaching of the Medical Students and Nurses
Supervision of FY1 & FY2.
Organizing ROTA of Juniors Doctors.
Writing discharge letters and patients summaries

Sports: Playing Football and Cricket
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to Classical Music & Sight Seeing.

Lifetime member of PGA, Dept. of CME , Harvard Medical School, USA
Member of EATS (European Association for Transluminal Surgery)
Member of French Society of Laparoscopic surgery.
Affiliate member of Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland.
Member of ALSGB&I (Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons)
Member of EAES(European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons)
Member of British Medical Association (BMA).
Member of British Hernia Society( BHS).
London Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine.


Registration: General Medical Council, U.K.
Full Registration No. 5193710

Address: 62 Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware HA8 8LX
Middlesex, UK
Home Phone #: 004420 8906 3299
Work Phone #: 00440845 111 4000
Mobile Phone #: 00447753616199
Date of birth : 19th July 1960
Email Address:
Nationality British/Green Card