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It is our fervent wish and heartfelt desire to help improve the quality of life of every deprived child by providing good education and proper health care which is at par with what is available to children of affluent and well-to-do families. Promote education among poor children. Elimination of child abuse. Elimination of child labour from society. Elimination of child vagrancy Helping the people affected by natural disasters which includes providing shelter, food and clothing etc. Providing free legal aid to poor and needy prisoners. Assisting the Provincial/Local Govt in the establishment and maintenance of borstal institutions. Rehabilitation of children who are made to beg in the streets and at traffic signals. Establishment of Poor Houses for these children. Arrange marriages of poor girls whose parents are not in a position to bear their wedding expenses. Providing free medical aid/treatment to persons suffering from Hepatitis B&C and HIV/AIDS, and other diseases, through specialists. Periodic visits to Remand Home and Darul Aman and/or similar Institutions and taking care of the inmates thereof. Establishment of schools, colleges and universities in the deprived and underdeveloped areas of the Country. Establishment of well-equipped Hospitals, Blood Banks and Laboratories. Ambulance services with air support. Sanatoriums, Homes for the elderly and destitute, Orphanages. Research Institutes with well-stocked Libraries and state-of-the-art I.T. facilities.

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