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D.K. FOUNDATION, established in the year 1987, by the Late Shaikh Dawood, has a long history of dedication to the high ideals of service to humanity. It got an opportunity to contribute its bit during the Azad Kashmir earthquake of October, 2005. At present it is actively involved in social work in the province of Sindh. The Foundation provides school fees, uniforms, books and other expenses for poor and deserving children of different areas of the city. The Foundation has a policy of approaching schools in the areas of residence of these children, to arrange for their admissions etc. The Foundation has a panel of doctors who hold weekly clinics in poor areas where they conduct proper medical check-ups and provide free medicines to the poor and needy. The Foundation arranges events like collective marriages of poor girls whose parents are poor and not in a position to meet their wedding expenses. D.K.FOUNDATION has also taken up the task of providing free legal aid to needy individuals who cannot arrange for such services through their own resources. The Project Office of the Organization was established in the premises of the Central Prison Karachi, for a period of two years. It was inaugurated on 11.03.2005, by the Honourable Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Mr. Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed Mr. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain of Sindh High Court, Mr.Agha Rafiq Ahmed Khan, District & Sessions Judge South and Mr. Agha Rafiq Ahmed Khan Sherwani, District & Sessions Judge East, were also present on the occasion. Apart from the above dignitaries almost all the members of the Sindh Bar Council and some members of the Pakistan Bar Council also attended the ceremony. The Legal Aid Project, since its inception has taken up489 cases of poor / helpless prisoners who did not have access to any proper legal help or the services of Lawyers / Advocates to defend them in courts, as they were in no position to bear the heavy court fees and other expenses. All expenses relating to their cases were borne by the Foundation. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the Foundation has been able to get all 489 cases duly represented in courts. Most of these individuals have either been released or their cases have been disposed of by the courts. Since its inception the Foundation has been able to pay penalties and fines of 230 prisoners and got release orders for all of them. They were languishing in Jail because of their inability to pay these fines / penalties. During this two year project at the Central Prison an ambitious programme for carrying out blood tests for Hepatitis B & C, HIV/AIDS, T.B. etc. counseling and treatment of psychiatric problems, Vocational Training in computers, electrician work, carpentry, metal-work etc were also arranged. There were seminars and workshops for the awareness of basic Human Rights. The Foundation was a partner of the UNICEF in the following projects Child Protection & Empowerment of Adolescents, Sindh. Awareness through availability of laws in local languages for all stakeholders. Training programmes for juvenile offenders on prevention of HIV/AIDS. All these projects have since been completed. Furthermore, the Foundation arranges festive food events in Juvenile/Women Jail, in addition to the Central Prison, on special occasions like National and Religious holidays. The Foundation has also been arranging dowry (Jahez) for ten poor girls, every year, and also paying tuition fees for two poor Law students of Islamia Law College, every year, on the recommendation of Dean, Faculty of Law. The Foundation is also in correspondence with the concerned authorities as well as the Print Media with a view to seek their assistance in identifying deserving cases.

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